majora (ft. same river)

from by simper

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he's coming for you
the mask of majora brings anger and strife into all that you do
the puppet possessor will tug on your limbs as you dance in the moon
see his face in the moon

we'll collide with the moon
earth will meet heaven as everything ends in fiery doom
the giants of harvest are burdened by sleep as we cry with the moon
we cry with the moon


she's coming for me
majora incarnate invites me to play as she sits by the tree
a child of darkness and laughter and madness
she’s calling for me

oh fierce deity
bane of majora who came down before us, i call upon thee
lend me your mask so that i may have power
have mercy on me


it will fall upon us
the wrath of majora unleashed as it seeks to devour the earth
insanity sweeps over all of the land--

from the swamp to the mountains, the bay to the canyon,
the entire region engulfed by her madness:

the tree princess heart grows as brittle and dark
as her butler's son's withered and yellowing carcass

the rock elder's body stands lifeless and frozen
as all of his people collapse from starvation

and the sea guardian's voice remains lost to the ocean
her children succumb to the water’s pollution

the ikana girl’s father stays locked in the cellar
as poor disturbed pamela drowns in the well

and the great moon will fall on the clock tower’s head
and this parallel universe timeline will end

and the newly-wed couple hold fast to each other
in silence as they greet the morning together

and the moon sheds a tear as it comes to destroy us
and no one can stop it and nothing can save us



from REMORIES, released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


simper Atlanta, Georgia

one day we'll be good at this, right?

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